Product Engineering

Product Engineering is a method of analyzing, designing, developing, testing, releasing and maintaining of the product. The development of web innovations and utility based programming through the SaaS (Software as a Service) has led to client enabled engineering services shifting from traditional software engineering to product engineering.
A disciplined approach that combines our experience with best practices and latest trends in technology is our hallmark.
Product engineering deals with the entire life cycle from the advancement stage right from the beginning of the thought to the organization client acceptance testing stage.
The Typical Process
Initialization Project Proposal Acceptance, Analysis of Client Product Requirements – Features, Key Functionalities
Conceptualization, Planning and scheduling Project Initiation: Project estimation, software finalization, and project scoping and team mobilization.
Design, Create Prototypes & Wireframes, Release Planning- Estimation, roadmap, scheduling, team ramp-up.
Development and coding. Iterative Project Execution: Targeted to meet product requirements, robust architecture, UX design, component-based engineering, automation-driven engineering, iterative development
Quality through Process quality assurance through Continuous Integration, Testing.
Maintenance post transition of product through delivery and deployment, and Quality management through feedback mechanisms and regular updated product release.

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Best approaches involve a combination of Agile methodologies and Scrum approach. Agile is an iterative approach to product development where self-organizing teamwork work in a collaborative environment. Scrum is a framework for project management that emphasizes teamwork, accountability and iterative progress toward a well-defined goal.

The outcome of these combined approaches which are based on transparency,inspection and adaption, is high-quality software produced in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Key Offerings

Enterprise Application Development

Our team of developers create enterprise applications in diverse verticals to supplement the business needs of the clients.

Application Consulting Services

With deep understanding of mobility applications across multiple markets, we create mobile software and engaging apps for global users.

Mobile Application Development

Our deep domain experts and application architects provide comprehensive analysis and detailed roadmap for applications.

Application Management & Maintenance

We offer a complete solution to effectively manage and maintain your applications cost-effectively.

Our product engineering services span Storage,Cloud,Compute, Networking and Security domain. We address issues at all layers - from core systems , to Application level, Protocol Stack and operating Kernel - to provide clustered solutions. APIs, cloud continuum options like PaaS constitute our issue resolution approach.Bug fixing, patch administration and enhancement are an integral part of maintenance services.


Key Transformations

Transformation Process Map

Design: Detailed project plan creation.Functional specification documentation using Client inputs.
Development: Project development using needs inputs gathered at initial stage and functional documents.
Maintenance: Provide usage support and resolve issues that may persist or emerge during practical use.