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About the product

Unlock the Future of Recruitment with JinnHire The Ultimate Touchless Recruitment Automation Platform Are you tired of the traditional recruitment process that's time-consuming and manual? Embrace the future of recruitment with JinnHire! Our innovative platform revolutionizes the way you find, screen, and communicate with candidates. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to efficiency.

  • Helps with the right search criteria.
  • Helps with validating resumes.
  • Communicates with job seekers on your behalf
  • Comes with Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Integration with popular job boards and HR systems.

Jinnhire Features

Efficient Sourcing

Smart Screening

Seamless Communication

Time saving Automation

Jinnhire Benefits

Improves Employee's Performance

Employees who feel their voice is heard at work are 4.6x more likely to feel empowered to give their best at work according to Salesforce research at diversity.

Better Decision Making

As per global diversity practice teams,that are diverse make better decisions up to 87% of the time

Improves Employeer Branding

It found that 74% Millennials believe their organization is more innovative when it has a culture of inclusion(World Economic Forum).

Attracts High quality Talent

Almost 67% of the job seekers use diversity as an important part when choosing companies and Job offers.

Increases Revenue

Increasing sales and revenue is a high priority for most companies. It is found and believe that Diverse Management boosts revenue by 19%.

Improves Productivity

According to McKinsey,U.S public companies with diverse executive boards have a 95% higher return on equality