IT Infrastructure Solutions

It is important for enterprise IT infrastructure to align with business objectives. Well designed, effective IT infrastructure can transform operational business growth. Setting up the ideal IT infrastructure is a crucial element for a business. To be effective it needs to be an end-to-end solution.
At Nexii Labs, we offer the complete package.
Consulting: Assessment of site, Evaluation of needs, risks, Proposing backup, recovery solutions, security options, suggesting improvement and enhancements
Sizing: Server sizing evaluation, based on the size, type, nature and volume-current and future scale-of the business. We ensure the solution capabilities are reliable, available and scalable.
Design Solution: Consultancy and design of proposed solution. Customized and tailormade design to optimize time and cost efficiency
Implementation: Our focus is on a fit for purpose model. Our partnerships with leading names such as AWS, VMware ensure latest technology deployment
Management: The target of any any solution should be the delivery of business value through standardization, modularity and scalability.

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Nexiilabs a global IT services & solutions provider, is specialized in providing cutting-edge IT Infrastructure solutions for its clients. Nexiilabs in IT Infrastructure Solutions domain brings significant process improvements in our client networks through a robust focus on proactive problem eradication and a well-established configuration and change control practice. Nexiilab’s ability to provide guaranteed SLAs to our clients for service performance is based on strong capability spread across all Infrastructure operate concurrently and timing of activities is critical for successful testing is possible only with automation.


Key Offerings

  1. 24x7x365 device monitoring at five-minute intervals
  2. Ensure safety of Infrastructure and conducting periodic audits thereafter.
  3. Guaranteed SLAs – SLAs are established and enforced, 24x7 escalation and event management
  4. Implement Industry Best Practices across IMSt
  5. Enhance average service restoration times by applying rigorous Six-Sigma tools
  6. Knowledge Management Portal to record operational knowledge documents to the team
  7. Provide the best competitive Pricing

Network Management Services

Nexiilabs’ provides comprehensive Network Management services which are structured, implemented and delivered keeping in mind entire suite of network services:

NexiiLab’s Enterprise Network Management Activities:

Operations support that includes Availability Management, Performance Management, Remote Administration and Monitoring, Configuration Management and generation of management reports

Asset Management services that include ensuring CMDB asset accuracy as well as coordination with asset vendors for technical support and replacement as an when needed

Enterprise Network Management Services forms a significant part of NexiiLab’s capability as an infrastructure management services. We design, build and run enterprise’s networks and have a strong set of people, process, tools and technology expertise to enable our clients in managing their network environment.


NexiiLab’s Global Service Desk Services


Integrated Services desk

Automated from
Level 1 to Level 3


  • Call Handling - Phone, Email & chat
  • Tool Monitoring for Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Ticket Creation
  • Ticket Categorization & poriortization
  • Outage Communication
  • Bridge call Initiation & Regular Updates
  • Daily Ticket Status & Reports
  • Coordination with cross functional teams


Wide range of experience on ITIL compliant service desk tools

NexiiLab’s Global Service Desk aids you to apprehend a significant impact on your service desk productivity and end user efficiency. Through a proactive approach, we address not only escalating issues in service desk delivery, but also identify and prevent recurring issues. Thereby providing true value to the client through reduction of average incidents/calls per device. Our extensive reporting helps to improve understanding of issues and hence provide better service levels. With Nexiilabs enterprise service desk services, the client is certain to experience improved efficiency, 24×7 availability and greater control over your IT costs.


Desktop Management Services

NexiiLab’s Remote Desktop Management Services are intended to optimize the client’s IT resource utilization and provide a standardized end – user environment. NexiiLab’s established delivery processes for desktop management are tailored to address the needs of diverse customer divisions.


Managed Server Services

NexiiLab’s Remote Desktop Management Services are intended to optimize the client’s IT resource utilization and provide a standardized end – user environment. NexiiLab’s established delivery processes for desktop management are tailored to address the needs of diverse customer divisions.

  • Provide servers ready tuned to your business— periodically updating the OS & installed software
  • Protecting servers from viruses —and spam installing the appropriate software
  • Easy to work with hosting servers — installing and managing web hosting control panels
  • Fine-tuning servers to fulfil the business requirements

Examining servers' current status like strengths and weaknesses — analysing their performance and continuously conducting stress tests

Analyze and look for optimize for maximum performance and productivitystress tests

Performing backups and data recovery if required

Providing server owners with consulting services and advice on a wide range of subjects related to servers' performance

Constantly analyzing new trends/technology updated and offer our clients the most efficient technologies and products for smooth business operations.


Virtualization Services

With thorough knowledge and expertise in Virtualization technologies, we quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate and deploy the optimal solution to meet the client’s strategic goals.

We provide a complete view to support the entire virtualization technology life cycle – from consulting, planning, assessments, design and implementation to ongoing management.


VMware vSphere ESXi
VMware vCenter Server Management
VMware Systems Management (ESXi)
Installing VMware vSphere Client
Creating new Virtual Machines
VM Configuration and Management Support
Installing VMware Tools
Systems Management and Backup Support
Migration Support (Hyper V) & Systems tUpgrade
Logging Analysis and Monitoring
Systems Upgrade

Hyper V

Installation and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (Standard or Datacenter Edition)
Installing and Configuring Hyper-V Server
Basic Hyper-V Management
Start, Stop and View Virtual Machines
Setup Open Source Linux Based VMS
Third Party Open Source Installations (LAMP, FFMPEG, Red5 and Service Optimizations)
Disk Management & Network Configuration
Storage Management
Migration Support (VMware) & Systems Upgrade
Cluster Setup and Fail-over Solutions
Log Analysis and Monitoring

Backup and Restore Services

Nexiilabs offers secure data backup and recovery solutions in order to run the client’s business in the event of the unimaginable. Backup Management Services include configuration and management of storage and tape, disk based backups. Standard services include tape, Disk-to-Disk backup or cloud-based backup for fast recovery, and storage retention to support long-term needs and business compliance requirements.

Backup and Restore Management Service allows the client to focus your investment and safeguard their data whether it resides in virtual or physical environments.

Enterprise Data backup and Desktop Data Backup

Backup Agent Installation & Configuration - Deploy and configure backup software on infrastructure; Establish Backup Jobs

Monitor Backup Jobs - Through tools, monitor & report on the status of backup jobs; resolve faults for critical backup jobs

Automate Backup Jobs – Create new backup jobs based on business requirements

Backup Media Management – Tape, Disk to Disk and Disk to Cloud. Media Rotation; Work with client to establish tape handling procedures for rotations, ship to off-site, etc."

Data Restore – Respond to business requests for data restores

Method – Incremental, Differential & Full data

Backup Cycle – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual and Annual

Storage Management Services

Nexiilabs provides a complete suite of remote storage management services, ensuring an enterprise’s businesses run efficiently. We deliver data storage solutions that help the client create a strategy to addresses the current challenges to optimize the existing IT infrastructure.

Nexii’s Remote Storage Management Services will extract the best out of the client’s data storage infrastructure by aligning capacities and performance.

  • Installation – Configure new storage devices
  • Monitoring – Monitor and report on storage availability, utilization and performance
  • Design and Deployment – Business Continuity solutions – Replication, Mirroring, Data Integration and Migration
  • Patch Management – Upgrade hardware, firmware, and software as recommended by the storage OEM
  • Hardware Management – Perform preventative maintenance on storage devices
  • Provisioning & De-Provisioning – Provisions storage objects and resources, as well as data set replication and De – provisioning as per the business requirements
  • Asset Management & Audit Compliance