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An organization that helps clients transform their businesses by embracing collaborative technologies faster, for a better tomorrow!

Nexiilabs emerged with an aim to deliver high quality software services spanning development, consulting and management. We help businesses transform through cloud, analytics, mobility and social media strategies. We accelerate our clients’ business efficiency and also help them gain more business. Nexiilabs has achieved outstanding success in delivering wide stream of business models globally. We are deeply embedded with technology innovations. Our honest and forward thinking approach combined with strong leadership gained huge reputation which enabled us to become the trusted partner of the world’s leading business players.

Nexiilabs DNA


We love technology and it is evident in every Nexiian’s approach to work. Our people tackle challenges that are hurting clients’ growth by developing not just robust applications but also strong relationships with our clients.


At every endeavor we undertake, our people deliver a human touch to their work. We understand the clients’ need through comprehensive analysis and deliver services that match the exact requirements.


To provide world class software services in the fields of application development, open source technology, business consulting and quality assurance by leveraging the power of emerging technologies.


We do business with honesty and integrity and set best benchmarks against what we build and deliver. Our habit of seeing things from client’s perspective made us trustworthy and a preferred partner.

We are a dedicated team who constantly and efficiently intensify the insights on Automation. Ensuring software quality through testing is a business imperative today. This demands high levels of competence to successfully execute large volumes of testing in short time span while ensuring 100% accuracy. The solution for this lies in Automation. Automation performs at high speed, agility and precision levels that are expected by businesses to be on the top.

Extending automation to the field of testing, Nexii Labs accelerates the test execution process which enhances the businesses. Our test automation addresses the industry need for high quality, reliable testing services while delivering cost savings. We offer robust testing services with end-to-end testing services across mulitple technologies. We, at Nexii Labs, continuously work towards meeting and satisfying customer expectations through innovative thoughts. Our team leverages testing tools to build and execute customized automation solutions for business. We are testing expert in automation techniques and methodologies to develop innovative business solutions. Through Automation, we successfully deliver quality and reduced execution time than original time required. Maintaining a equal pace with the increasing Software development with our team who focus on upgrading the business needs is our core strength.