By virtue of our long partnership with global IT storage leaders, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the infrastructure space.
Combining our standing as an Infrastructure company with our expertise in Cloud solutions, we advocate complete transitions to the cloud.
Nexii Infrastructure Expertise + Cloud Knowledge = Perfect Business Transformation to CLoud

You must have often wondered
  1. Should I migrate to the cloud?
  2. Which cloud would be best for me?
  3. How will the transition impact my business?
  4. How do I ensure my data will be safe and secure?
  5. Will this be cost effective?
  6. Will my business be disrupted during the transition?
  7. Whom do I approach to evaluate my business and provide best solution?
  8. Is the cloud worth the time and effort invested?
  9. Will it still be worth it a few years down the line?
We help you find solutions through our three pronged approach
  1. Discuss and define
  2. Diagnose and generate
  3. Implement and resolve

As Cloud evangelists, we are committed to helping you make the transition to the Cloud. We partner you right from the initial stages, through problem evaluation, implementation, and deployment and even after support.
In line with our cloud advocacy, we offer a completely complimentary evaluation of your system, and needs to arrive at our recommendations.
Our team prides itself on its knowledge and we consider ourselves problem-solvers in the Cloud Space. Get in touch with us and our team will orchestrate an effortless cloud transformation of your business.

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Cloud Consulting - Migration

Cloud consulting solutions helps to navigate the journey to the cloud. It is based on the best implementation practices and minimizes the risk while navigation when operating a cloud. Cloud is developing as a key enabler of economy. Due to the rapid escalation in digital information flow, organizations need scalability to keep up the pace with the vendors. Due to this, cloud consulting offer accessibility, affordability and a high storage space.

  • Cloud Migration
  • Setting up Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Testing and Quality Assurance

DR to the Cloud

AWS Cloud allows faster disaster recovery of critical IT systems. It makes DR possible at a fraction of the cost by eliminating the infrastructure expenses of a second physical site.

AWS Cloud based disaster recovery services ensure your business is up and running after a disaster in the shortest possible time with least disruption or loss of data.

Nexii Labs supports DR to AWS Cloud with automated solutions that allow multiple DR options – from Pilot Light environment to Hot Standby and Combination options.

  • Assessment of existing infrastructure
  • Evaluation of requirement

Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Cloud adoption is increasingly spreading over the business world. Nexii Labs adds value to your business by helping you optimize cloud services and best practices. We help you rightsize instances, volumes and resources to extract most benefit from the Cloud providers.

Cloud MSP we offer

  • Cloud Application Maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Software enhancements through automation
  • Bug fixing
  • Platform upgrades and release management
  • Storage and backup services

Backup to the Cloud

Cloud backup is an online backup which is a strategy for backing up the data. This involves sending a copy of the data over a public network to an off-site server. Cloud backup enable the customers to access the services remotely with a secure client log in to back up their files using an encrypted connection.