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Business Automation Tools

The Nexii Differentiator is our approach to problem solving. We apply automation techniques and methodologies to develop innovative business solutions. Our solutions deliver quality and bring down costs while also setting benchmarks in execution speed. Through automation, we have successfully reduced process execution times to a fraction of the original time required.

Our solutions have accelerated processes to deliver over 90% time savings.

“Business Automation Tools as a strategy is unique to Nexiilabs. The approach seeks to automate and optimize processes to save money and time and manage resources more efficiently.”

Current in-house tools developed address challenges in the test, data center, cloud and marketing domain.

Applying business automation tools to processes translates to savings in time, cost and resource utilization.

Features of effective Business Tool

  • Seamless integration of tools and applications is necessary.
  • Elements must speak to one another to perform at optimum levels.

A well-developed tool can

  • Effectively scrunch time and effort.
  • Enable synchronization and smooth flow of data and work between multiple software tools.
  • Enhance the agility and responsiveness of the business
  • Be versatile and lend itself to use in multiple scenarios

Business Automation Tools translate into a competitive edge for the business.

At Nexii we have developed several such tools. For instance, a regression planner developed in house enables collaboration on shared tasks. The regression testing platform enables all stakeholders to be on the same page. With inputs and responses from multiple stakeholders in a single place decisions on patches, enhancements are expedited to save time and efforts significantly.

Business Automation Tools can be extended into processes that need automated approval workflows, as a feedback mechanism, or to execute repetitive predictable tasks. Among the other solutions developed are a recruitment automation application, and web based business development automation software.