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Innovation is an evolutionary process. It takes time, profound body of knowledge and continuous passionate efforts to build technology and process breakthroughs. Nexiilabs has gained commendable knowledge over the years in quality engineering with its array of testing services for multiple clients in various verticals. We have streamlined the thorough knowledge bank of the key learnings we gained through testing services and created a futuristic Test Innovation Center. The purpose of this center is to create path-breaking innovations that challenge the traditional testing practices and methodologies. We have been successful in creating insightful and workable solutions that resulted in well-defined processes, incredible testing efficiency, reduced cycle time and even exceeding the predefined SLAs.

The traditional effort-based models are gradually being replaced by outcome based ones. Our Test Innovation Center is a finest example of our efforts in moving towards an outcome based model.

Who is part of it?

Our Test Architects, Test Managers and Test Engineers collectively contribute to the innovation life cycle. They have finely-defined objectives and periodic assessments to measure the progress of their innovations. For instance, each contributor identifies critical issues that impede the speed of the testing process and analyze the underlying root cause. Later they brainstorm and apply various solutions that eliminate the root cause.


TIC has numerous functions that continuously help our testing community evolve and enhance their best practices.

  • 1
  • Continuous improvement of test strategy
  • Strategy is the key to find out the bugs that are affecting the functionality. Out contributors continuously strive to improve the test strategy and help the test engineers to find the hidden bugs effortlessly and in less time.
  • 2
  • Test execution models
  • The execution models are tested to find out rightly fitting models for handling critical issues that arise during test processes.
  • 3
  • Test metrics
  • We quantify the traditional testing methodologies by applying rigorous metrics that are built in TIC and help the test engineers to improve their quality of testing.
  • 4
  • Test project risk assessment methods
  • When risk is not identified at the right time, the damages that it incurs could be devastating. Multiple teams at TIC continuously test the efficacy of the various risk assessment methods and come out with vibrant and applicable solutions that identify the hidden risks effortlessly.
  • 5
  • Best practice definitions
  • Our Test Architects and Managers continuously redefine the best practices through stringent evaluations conducted at our test innovation center.
  • 6
  • Root cause analysis of customer issues
  • Identifying the root cause is critical to testing. Our teams refine the analysis process and systematically filter the numerous causes and arrive at the one that is initiating the real damage.
  • 7
  • Continuous evaluation process
  • Nexiilabs’ engineers are masters at the Evaluation Process. They continuously break their own patterns and find new ways of evaluating the process. No wonder they often surprise our testing community with their new findings.

How we get inputs?

  • 1
  • Current projects
  • Nexiilabs handles multiple projects with diverse clients across the globe. Each project is associated with multiple testing challenges. These challenges become the feeding ground for our Test Innovators.
  • 2
  • Closed projects
  • Since we have numerous projects that were successfully tested and released, all the key learnings, issues and insights pour in loads of testing wisdom to TIC.
  • 3
  • Internal test research groups
  • Nexiilabs R&D center has multiple teams of research groups that do profound research on testing methodologies. All their research findings and critical bugs contribute in nurturing our Innovation Center.
  • 4
  • Internal interest groups
  • We have passionate technologists who love to share their insights to knowledge seeking interest groups. They meet up periodically and exchange their technology acumen, critical issues and key findings.
  • Some of our interest groups include

    • Storage Interest Group Engineers working on Storage related projects are part of this group. They share issues troubling the storage projects and also the latest developments in the storage industry.
    • Cloud Interest Group A group specific to cloud computing teams who share various interesting technical insights.

How it works?

Test Innovation group at Nexiilabs is a voluntary set of people who has passion for testing and believe in continuous progressive improvement and strive to contribute for testing community.

Test Innovation Cycle

Nexiilabs current and closed projects serve as key inputs for test innovation center. Our in-house Research Community and Technology Interest groups also contribute their findings and key learnings as vital ingredients for the TIC.

The TIC contributors – Test Architects, Managers and Engineers continuously work on these inputs and challenge the traditional testing methodologies.

Eventually they come up with insightful innovations, enhanced best practices and efficient test processes. All the output from TIC is redirected to our current projects and also to our in-house technology hubs – Knowledge Management System (KMS) and The Learning Center.

The KMS and the Learning Center in turn contribute to TIC and our current projects through better productivity, process improvements, enhanced best practices, increased efficiency, and reduced test cycle times etc. Thus completing the innovation life cycle.