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Nexii Labs Test Automation as Business Accelerator

The repercussions of poor quality software can range from spiraling operational costs to millions of dollars in lost revenue, for the business. Software that fails to deliver on expected quality standards can damage brand image and corporate reputation and in certain cases, even trigger litigations for losses incurred because of poor quality. Ignoring quality can thus be a costly mistake, adversely impacting profitability and growth.

Automation: Key to Quality and Value

Ensuring software quality through thorough testing is therefore a business imperative today. But this is not an easy task. It demands high levels of competence to successfully execute large volumes of testing in short time spans while ensuring 100 per cent accuracy. Manual testing cannot rise up to meet these demands.

The solution thus lies in Automation.

Automation can perform at the speed, agility and precision levels expected by businesses that want to be at the top of their game. It is automation that can ensure software release dates are met on time, every time. Handling of complex test environments where multiple systems operate concurrently and timing of activities is critical for successful testing is possible only with automation.

Test Automation Benefits

  • Ensures precision and accuracy
  • Enables rapid response times ensuring greater agility
  • Allows better defect detection through a higher level of consistency in test coverage
  • Supports multiple iterations of test executions.
  • Reduces the overall testing effort and cost.
  • Mitigates the risk of human error.
  • Improves testing efficiency.
  • Achieves levels of execution speed that can never be matched by human efforts

Nexii Labs Test Automation

Extending automation to the realm of testing, Nexii Labs accelerates the test execution process enhancing businesses’ go-to-market strategy while reducing risk and delivering greater business value through test automation. Our test automation addresses the industry need for high quality, reliable testing services while concurrently delivering tangible cost savings to business. With our offering of robust testing services, we support end-to-end testing, across multiple technologies.

Core Expertise

Nexii Labs expertise lies in test automation. We offer best-of-breed GUI and CLI based automation along with commercial third party automation frameworks. We bring to the table the best-in-class automation tools and practices arrived at through extensive research of the latest and most innovative of technologies. Nexii Labs uses its experience and expertise to identify gaps in processes to develop and deploy automation solutions that optimize operational efficiency.

Functional Benefits

Test automation framework, Automation testing services

Nexii Labs Test Automation

Nexii Labs Test Automation Tools

With extreme programming methodologies and frequent releases trending, testing has taken on paramount importance. The speed of response defines the competitiveness of a business today. Businesses may dictate changes frequently and at short notice.

Our priority at Nexii Labs is to continuously and rapidly work towards meeting and satisfying customer expectations through innovative out-of-the-box thinking. Nexii Labs team leverages various testing tools to build and execute custom made test automation solutions for business.

Test Automation is accurate, has short turnaround time and enables running of repeatable tests multiple times. Automated testing suites comprising multiple tools are geared to provide robust support to test automation challenges.

Nexii Labs’ array of test automation tools.