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Retail industry derives contributions from art, design, management and technology. Traditional business models carry no weight any more. Gone are the days where shopping was a necessity, contemporary models focus on customer convenience and ease of access.

India’s retail market is expected to grow to $675 Bn by 2016 and $850 Bn by 2020. E-commerce revolution reflects global retail chain to be much vibrant. Retailers still face to seize the opportunities in giving the business a modern touch.

Key Challenges

  • 1
  • Brand Distortion
  • The marketing agencies and external factors tend to distort the brand information leading to the damage of the brand.
  • 2
  • Limited Technical Expertise
  • The migration to the emerging technologies is getting hindered at many retail outlets due to the limited availability of technical expertise and adoption challenges.
  • 3
  • High Maintenance Costs
  • With the each passing day, the maintenance costs of the infrastructure is shooting up.
  • 4
  • Changing Consumer Behavior
  • The retailers are not able to pick up the consumer trend in the market to stock their products.

Nexiilabs digital channels drive more sales traffic improving business efficiency. Our big data analytics allow to track customer insights and equally speed up your business decisions. Nexiilabs gives an opportunity in captivating the emerging markets and think ahead of what customers want. Our omni-channel approach overcome the market challenges and leads retailers towards future growth. Nexiilabs managed cloud services provide retailers seamless real time access in order to serve the customers better and improved productivity.

Key Solutions

  • 1
  • Businss Insights through Analytics
  • Nexiilabs provides deep big data analytics services to structure the data for improving the forecast on the consumer behavior. This in turn improves the profit margins of retail businesses.
  • 2
  • Cloud Enablement
  • We create cloud applications from scratch or offer migration to the cloud and enable you to control the power of business operations with ease.
  • 3
  • E-tailing through Mobility Solutions
  • Our responsive applications for mobile and the web enable easy etailing solutions to reach wider audience across the geographical barriers.