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Quality Engineering & Assurance services India, QA outsourcing

Accelerated Efficiency

Customers looking for testing services demand authentic execution of established procedures at a competitive price. Nexiilabs has exceled in providing affordable QE services for small, medium and enterprise clients without compromising on quality. We achieve this milestone through meticulous phases that involve imparting technology brilliance, domain expertise and valuable insights for every test engineer.

From multi-tier on premise applications to cloud based apps, we create and deliver innovative testing services for diverse clients in various verticals. Based on the project requirements and the volume of the business, clients usually are offered an extension of their test team or complete QA is outsourced to Nexiilabs or a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) is established within our premise.

Key Services

  • 1
  • Test Strategy Development
  • We develop clearly articulated plan that determines the scale of the project. This well thought plan helps the team to take into account all the activities related to the testing process.
  • 2
  • Quality Consulting
  • We have a robust consulting team that helps the business to improve testing processes and deliver capabilities. The team makes a risk-based, measurable and sustainable improvement roadmap that aligns well with the client’s business objectives.
  • 3
  • Quality Planning
  • We develop a meticulous plan that describes the quality objectives and specifies the Quality Engineering and control activities to be performed on day-to-day basis.
  • 4
  • Test Management
  • We organize and control the processes and artifacts required for efficient and thorough testing. This enables the testing team to plan, execute and assess all testing activities within the overall software testing framework.
  • 5
  • Test Execution
  • We identify the defects and document the test case results to track and manage the test progress until all the planned tests are completed.
  • Quality Engineering & Assurance services India, QA outsourcing

Nexiilabs Testing Practices

Quality Engineering & Assurance services India, QA outsourcing

Nexiilabs has a state-of-the-art Research and Development facility that rolls out innovative solutions to its customers. Using these out-of-the-box solutions, we have achieved testing excellence beyond the imagination. We believe that quality is as important as the speed of the service delivery. Our teams take complete ownership of the project and implement comprehensive testing strategies.

We utilize our supremacy over established QA tools and also leverage the power of collaborative technologies to achieve accelerated efficiency. Our engaging models and the agility to adapt and relate our testing strategies to client’s business goals is what makes us distinct.

Key Differentiators

  • 1
  • Pioneering the Technology
  • With technology brilliance and diverse domain expertise over the years, Nexiilabs pioneered the art of innovative testing strategies. This helps us in uncovering the critical bugs at breakneck speed and also makes it easier to find the technical glitches that challenge the functionality of product.
  • 2
  • Continuous Learning
  • At Nexiilabs, learning is considered as a keystone habit that affects every other area of business. Our ‘Learning Center’ hosts series of programs by Test Specialists that unfold the key learnings in each project. Each Nexiian is thus encouraged to evolve through these progressive stages of applied knowledge to come out as Test Innovators.
  • 3
  • Test Innovation Center (TIC)
  • With the streams of technology intelligence flowing from assorted projects to the sea of our Learning Center, we have built a Test Innovation Center. This stands as an evidence to our ever growing knowledge abundance and our inquisitiveness to innovate new ways of testing. At TIC, a strong team of test engineers and innovators continuously incubate ideas and strategies that challenge the existing norms of testing and create futuristic solutions that enhance testing efficiency.
  • 4
  • Proactive Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • We understand the aftermaths of poorly tested code. Often it is not just detrimental to the product functionality but can also incur huge financial losses and even impacts the business continuity. Nexiilabs’ proactive risk assessment strategies help clients to mitigate functional and financial risks and lead clients to progressive paths.