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We do not impart conventional training to our engineers. Research has proved that corporate trainings largely are ineffective. We offer them only four things: An impeccable learning platform, loads of insightful stuff, learning orientation and enough time to prove themselves. That’s our learning center in a nutshell.

The intent of the learning center is to make each Nexiian capable of dealing with the issues that arise in the project effortlessly and also to take well-informed decisions during critical phases of the project. To ensure this, all the learning material we offer consists of tons of project case studies and actual scenarios that arise during the process of handling a client project.


We orient all the new hires towards our key service offerings – Testing Services, Managed Services and Technical Support Services. The key learnings from our vast experience of dealing multiple projects and domains are extracted to a knowledge bank which in turn becomes the source for the learning center.

The Nexiians are well-positioned to gain knowledge and achieve proficiency in four key areas of the project – The Process, Tools, Domain, Technology and Client Products, if any.


What cannot be measured cannot be improved. Our stringent evaluation process is a proof of this ideology. We measure each knowledge takeaway with rigorous self-assessments that make Nexiians strong and well-rounded professionals. The process of evaluation is scenario-based and helps the participant understand his areas of improvement and progress potholes in a comprehensive manner.

‘Cocoon’, a software product developed in-house, is the epicenter of the Nexiilabs learning methodology and measurement. It constitutes the Knowledge Bank and Tech Tracker, an evaluation tool which measures the progress of the participant and presents the same in a detailed report.

Only at the end of the evaluation process the Nexiian is entitled to take up the project. If the Nexiian fails to pass any of the assessments, he will be redirected to take up required knowledge banks and re-evaluated until he succeeds.

The Result

  • 1
  • Improved Productivity
  • 2
  • Highly Engaging Employees
  • 3
  • Improvement in the Sense of Ownership of the project
  • 4
  • Speed of Process
  • 5
  • Accelerated Analytical Ability