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Cloud Computing is transforming the businesses and simplifying enterprise application delivery. It represents a significant and the most successful technological breakthrough in the way the businesses operate in the present world. Cloud technology offers numerous benefits like increased availability, reduced Total Cost of Ownership, flexible pricing models and easy scalability etc.

Let’s explore a business case and understand how Nexiilabs helps numerous clients take better cloud decisions and enhance their business efficiency.

Business Case

Steve, CIO of Global IT Solutions, knows the benefits of computing utility across the globe. Hence, he is convinced that the cloud computing can bring in much needed flexibility and agility to the business.

After having decided to surrender his applications and services to the cloud, he approached Joe, one of his executives, to come up with a concrete cloud implementation plan that best suits his business requirements.

Problems with the Adoption to the Cloud

Joe sat back and started to take stock of IT resources in his office. Due to the presence of diverse IT resources in the office, he needs to find a correct vendor with right set of services that match his requirements and get a proper guidance on what can be moved to the cloud. The problems found by him are listed below.

With these problems in mind, he approached various vendors to see whether they offer the set of services that aligns with the business requirements. After a long search, he zeroed in on the cloud services offered by Nexii cloud Labs.

Cloud Labs

The workhorse that powers Nexiilabs is Cloud Labs. The Cloud Labs has put in place a team of experts to assist the clients to get the business-appropriate solutions. The team consists of business analysts, cloud solution experts, cloud qualification specialists, research associates, and cloud evaluation specialists. At Cloud Labs, these team members are committed to provide unique cloud strategies and solutions that are the products of their intensive research on technology.

Research Associates

Research associates analyse and look for latest cloud products and applications available in the market. If the products and applications pass a set of rules such as the prospects of the company that produced the product, researchers collect them into what we call the raw buckets. These are probable products that could be qualified to be part of solutions we offer to our customers.

Cloud Evaluation Specialists

Cloud evaluation specialists pick the applications and products available in the raw bucket and evaluate them. The evaluation is a crucial process wherein the evaluation specialists carefully evaluate the features of the product, reports and reviews about the product, pricing of the product and compare them with competitive products. The evaluated products and applications are moved to the next buckets called level-2 buckets.

Cloud Qualification Specialists

Cloud qualification specialists are predominantly test engineers and cloud technologists. They test the products and applications from level-2 buckets to verify the functionality, usability, performance, elastic nature, multi-tenancy, security, billing capability and resiliency. A quick set of tests are run to check if the applications pass the qualification. The applications that pass our qualification will get into the matrix of products and applications that we offer as solutions to various customers.

Business Analysts

They analyze the business case and check the viability of the solution. This enables them to predict whether any of the solutions can contribute to the success of the business in terms of return on investment. Business analysts also tell how the solution should be configured to maximize the business benefits for the clients.

Cloud Solution Experts

Based on the data compiled by cloud evaluation specialists and business analysts, the cloud solution experts produce different use case scenarios for the business. Then a solution matrix is developed by them using different solutions available to compare them. From the solution matrix, they arrive at the correct solution for the business.


Solution to Joe’s Business Case