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Consulting Services

  • Analyze The Environment
  • Before finding the correct solution, the risk associated with the cloud adoption, the total cost of ownership, the client IT infrastructure’s cloud adaptability and the client’s return on investment have to be evaluated. These studies are undertaken by us and the findings are compiled into a feasibility report.

  • Propose Solution
  • Using the data in the feasibility report, our cloud consultants suggest a set of solutions that match with the specifications of the client.

  • Solution Matrix
  • The different cloud-based applications chosen are compared for their viability and alignment with the services being offered by the client.

  • Risk Mitigation Plan
  • After a solution is proposed, a risk mitigation plan is formulated to offer a robust cloud-based solution that aligns well with the client services. Here, the risks associated with the data security, privacy and availability are analyzed, and a robust mitigation plan is rolled out to ensure the business continuity.

  • Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment reports
  • Based on the proposed solution, TCO and ROI reports are made to tell the client about the total cost incurred and different benefits the setup may provide to the client business. This enables the clients to assess the feasibility of such a setup and its operability.

Migration Services

With our migration services, you can automatically move your existing server application workloads to a variety of supported public clouds or even between cloud providers. There is no need to rebuild from scratch or use templates since we have a robust cloud migration process in place that moves the entire server stack for you.

Cloud Implementation

The clients can plan, build and manage their cloud infrastructure using our portfolio of flexible solutions that accelerate the process of cloud adoption.

Cloud Management

We monitor and manage the cloud using a suitable interface to assure smooth delivery of services. This enables us to offer greater operational agility, tighter component integration and better IT governance across the businesses.

Application Development

Whether you are moving the off-the-shelf package to the cloud or developing a new application from the scratch, Nexiilabs helps you realize it smoothly. The company develops multi-tenant applications that work with different cloud service providers.

Cloud Testing

Cloud testing overcomes the budget limitations, test case evaluations and other added challenges. Our distributed test environment reduces execution time of testing and sets up virtual instances of automated test applications. Storing data in cloud circuit enables us to easily backup and recover the data in a secured manner.